Flapjack Nutty


Oat Flakes Bar with Apples and Cinnamon

Flapjack Oat Flakes Bar with Apples and Cinnamon


Ingredients: oat flakes 37,3%, glucose syrup, condensed sweetened milk 14,1 % (milk, sugar), roasted almonds 5,3 %, dried apples 5,3%, rice fl our, coconut oil, fructose-glucose syrup, emulsifi er: sunfl ower lecithin, cinnamon 0,3 %.

Allergy Warning:

May contain traces of peanuts and other shell fruits.

Nutritive information

Content in 100 g

Per one bar 50 g


11711 kJ (407 kcal)

856 kJ (204 kcal)

Fats (Unsaturated Fatty Acids)

12 g (4,5 g)

6 g (2,3 g)

Saccharides (sugars)

64 g (27 g)

32 g (14 g)

Dietary fibre

6,4 g

3,2 g


7,5 g

3,6 g


0,19 g

0,01 g

pcs / sale box

Sale box / pallet

Pcs / pallet




Oat flakes bar with the Flapjack name seems to be inconspicuous but it is not true. The bar does not contain needless E-preservatives, flavourings or colourings so it would be certainly interesting for a large spectrum of consumers. It is not too sweet, it fills you up perfectly and it is not crumbly. It contains about 40% of oat flakes, which represent a source of high-quality energy. If cereals should be a good source of fibre, they should contain at least 10% of its recommended dose. Usually only the products where oat flakes make the main ingredient are able to meet these parameters. Flapjacks from Rupa meet this expectation because they contain 67% of recommended fibre daily dose. Its price is non-comparable with imported oat flakes bars, which makes a big plus for them.


Tomáš Šteiner, a lecturer of the Czech Naturopathic Association and nutrition advisor.    

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