Test Your Physical Prowess

One of the simple tests of physical prowes is the Ruffier test, which is based on the pulse rate measurement before and after the physical stress.




- at first, when sitting, count at your wrist number of beats TF1 for 15 seconds

- do 30 squats in regular pace, i. e. 1 squat per second

- immediately after the performance sit down and count the number of beats TF2 for 15 seconds

- sit calm and try to stay calm for 1 minute

- then count the beats TF3 for 15 seconds


Enter the values into the formula of so-called Ruffier index (RI):


RI= [ (TF1 + TF2 + TF3) × 4 - 200]/10  


The result shows number of points reached and your physical prowess is measured.



Lower than 0


0,1 - 5

Very good

5,1 - 10


10,1 - 15

Below average

vyšší než 15


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