Fly Premium


With Chocolate

Fly Premium Muesli Bar with Milk Chocolate


Ingredients: Starch syrup, milk chocolate 23% (sugar, full-fat milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa substance, soya lecithin as emulsifier), extruded cereals (wheat, corn and rice flour, sugar, rye flour, wheat malt, starch syrup, cocoa powder), corn flakes (corn flour, sugar, barley malt extract, salt), cashew nuts 7.1%, invert sugar (glucose, fructose), roasted almonds 4.9%, oat flakes, vegetable fat, honey, cocoa powder, soya lecithin as emulsifier, natural flavouring, salt.


Allergy Warning:  

May contain traces of other shell fruits.  

Nutritive information

Per one bar 30 g


527 kJ (125 kcal)


2,0 g


17,8 g


5,5 g


30,9 mg

Dietary fibre

0,9 g

pcs / sale box

Sale box / pallet

Pcs / pallet




New series of Fly Premium bars is a hot new product

Consumers can look forward not only to tasty cereals, but also - and mainly - to a large amount of fresh fruits, high content of nuts, real chocolate and pure natural flavours based on fruit extracts and juices.


No preservatives, no artificial colourings, no artificial flavourings.   


The Fly Premium bars try to bring new quality to muesli bars. In the time of pressure on the lowest prices and reduction of product quality the company RUPA again goes against the current. But what can you do, somebody should start with it…

Unwrap me!This is how I look inside!

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